Friday, July 24, 2015

Cooperation with Uber Xiaomi Mi Note to delivery to customers

Uber unexpectedly partnered with Xiaomi Mi Note to convey to each customer in Singapore.For several years now, Xiaomi and Uber are two extremely prominent names in the field in which they are engaged. With Xiaomi, which phone China has entered the top five leading telephone company in the world with excellent business strategy, providing highly configurable smartphone comes surprisingly cheap prices. Uber toward service helps users ride pretty much cost savings compared with traditional taxi and has been present in many countries worldwide. Incidentally the two names on working together in the Singapore market.
Cooperation with Uber Xiaomi Mi Note to delivery to customers
Uber conjunction Xiaomi in Singapore. Photo: Internet
In an event that introduced the 5.7-inch phone in Singapore Mi Note recently, Xiaomi said when this smartphone on the shelves in the next 27/7, customers want to buy the machine can order right from the app Uber. This way, they can get the machine within a day or even just a few hours after placing. This is a new sales strategy of Xiaomi.
Xiaomi also promises to bring this form of selling to another country in Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia. However, only customers in Kuala Lumpur recently received notification of the Uber app.
Program on only lasted a mere one day, like the company's strategy in recent years, flash-sale. Thanks to cost cutting marketing, nor build stores that only sell online retailers, Xiaomi phone can sell at the lowest possible prices to entice users. The Mi Note sold in Singapore as well as an example. Machine priced at 415 USD, lower than the HTC One M9 or Samsung Galaxy S6 . The selling price is a big advantage in a market of Xiaomi smartphones competitive as Singapore.

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