Friday, July 24, 2015

How long before humans set foot on 'Earth 2'?

Recently Kepler space telescope has discovered a new planet with characteristics similar to Earth. The new planet, called Kepler-452b. It is considered Earth-like planet ever discovered by mankind.When NASA announced: "Earth 2 was found". This news has shocked the whole world, especially those who have a passion for "discipline" scientific research universe.
How long before humans set foot on 'Earth 2'?
Earth our present (left and newly found planets -  Kepler-452 (pictured right) .
Finding 2nd earth marks a new era in the study of science and technology in outer space, it was a breakthrough in the search mission alien life. There have been many suggestions that we should launch spacecraft to this planet to explore new things.However, things are really not easy and there are many shortcomings!
How long before humans set foot on 'Earth 2'?
The fastest spacecraft of the world today is called New Horizons. The highest speed of 15.73 km New Horizon highest degree / s, equivalent to 496 061 280 km / year.
According to NASA, said: "K to the exchange in the space between the  Earth  is 1400 light years away. A light-year is equivalent to the distance 9460730472580.8 km ".
So, we have to take about ( 9,460,730,472,580.8 km x 1,400 years) 26,700,375.9326 year to place the first steps to the 2nd Earth now, all mankind was unavailable stop media solution to  reach the planet.
Hopefully in the near future, scientists will have to "evolve" the existing spacecraft to reach the velocity "utopian" to help us fulfill the dream to explore the universe, namely set foot on the new Earth.

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