Monday, July 27, 2015

Unlock computer method "spy"

Suggest you read the methods to unlock the computer just by a phone or smart watches.

Everyone wants to replace the password to unlock the computer by something better. And if you own a smartphone device or "conditional" rather than SmartWatch, then why not "utilize" it makes tools to unlock the computer?

It sounds unbelievable but this is entirely possible. All thanks to the software application developers create, some of them available for Mac users with the iPhone, and some are available for Windows and other mobile operating systems. Let's go over some typical suggestions below.
Mac and iPhone or Apple Watch
It seems the developers quite like iPhone should be a lot of applications being developed for this device.

Knock allows users to use the iPhone or Apple Watch can unlock your Mac via Bluetooth Low Energy. Knock been offering the iPhone for $ 3.99USD and free on Mac.

Everything you do is launch Knock on the iPhone, and the need to unlock your Mac, you just type in "Toad-Toad" on the iPhone screen (can be in pocket) is immediately Mac computer you will be unlocked. You may not need to pull your iPhone out of his pocket to "Toad-Toad".

On Apple Watch, Knock is also available application called Knock Apple Watch helps you connect to the iPhone and the Mac to enhance protection for the device. When someone steals a Mac computer and your iPhone to unlock, you can proceed to disable 2 devices on the application by Apple Watch Knock on easily.

Applications Tether  has similar functionality but instead of using tap the screen to manipulate, Tether will use position sensors. If you come near the Mac is locked, it will automatically unlock when you came to him. And when carried away, the Mac will automatically lock again.

Tether is provided completely free for iOS and Mac. If you need to use the more advanced features of Tether, you must put additional costs.

Unlike the 2 apps, MacID feature extraction fingerprint sensor on the new iOS device to unlock your Mac. Therefore if the bad guys get your iPhone and Mac, they also can not unlock it.

MacID offered totally free for Mac and iPhone 3.99USD.
Chromebooks and Android Phone
Chromebook deserved a typical so-called "pet chickens" of Google when equipped with plenty of "toys". And unlock automatically Chromebook by Android Phone is a typical example.

If you already own a Chromebook and Android Phone version 5.0 or later, you start playing on the Android Smart Phone Lock and connect it with the Chromebook. Then you can use the Android Phone to unlock the Chromebook without the use of software to third-party applications.
Windows PC and Android Phone

Currently, no other software is called Dedicated to unlock Windows by Android Phone. However, you can use intermediate way using EventGhost be installed on Windows work unlock andAutoRemote worked communicate from phone to PC Windows, while Tasker on Android used to trigger Brand came and ordered AutoRemote and unlock Widnows EventGhost conduct.
Mac and Android Phone (or or any smart device with Bluetooth connectivity)

If you have a Mac and an Android device (or or any smart device that has Bluetooth) you can use a free tool called Proximity to establish and launch a piece AppleScripts used for the unlock and lock your Mac depending on the distance of the device with your Mac. This requires some installation instructions tedious and once completed it will operate similar Tether application mentioned above.

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