Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Samsung can release clamshell phone in late 2016

Analysts from HSBC predicts that mobile devices with foldable screen is (to move from one phone into the tablet) of Samsung will be introduced later this year.
Samsung can release the clamshell phone is at the end of 2016
Meanwhile, the report of the recent Samsung did not specifically refer to this issue. A few years ago, in a presentation, the representative of leaking Samsung has plans to launch the first mobile phone with a foldable screen in 2018. Later, some believed rumors that this device will appear in 2017 and HSBC’s latest report back to that moment of launch device may be the end of 2016.
Samsung can release the clamshell phone is at the end of 2016
“We think that Samsung is likely to introduce smartphone OLED foldable in the second half of 2016, compared with previous expectations in 2017 because the company wanted to try harder to win back market share themselves. In our opinion, the smartphone with the foldable screen will change business, Samsung’s smartphone and can become “killer blow” companies in an array of high smartphone grant, because: foldable OLED display will be a specific criteria to differentiate between the phone line (low, medium and high), allowing users to experience the flexibility (can use use small or large screen, depending on the circumstances) and most importantly, it can help companies unify smartphones and tablets into a single product. The advent of smart phones also will positively impact the supply chain of the company OLED panels … “.
This product will certainly be the concern of many users when it provides convenience and helps them not retrofit a tablet.

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