Thursday, July 23, 2015

iOS 9 launches with a series of useful changes

These new features help iPhone or iPad is more capable of multitasking, improved typing feature, along with the emergence of energy-saving mode to help increase battery life.During the opening ceremony of the 2015 WWDC event, Apple has officially introduced the new OS version for most mobile devices they called iOS 9.
iOS 9 launches with a series of useful changes
Remained flat design style as in iOS version 8 before, something that Apple iOS 9 emphasis lies in the change of the features on this OS version.
Besides the upgrade for applications such as Notes and capital have Siri, Apple also undertaken to provide a series of new features including application form Flipboard reading newspaper called News, features fast QuichType keyboard with greatly improved, along with the related features multitasking capabilities and split screen.Ultimately, the enhanced battery life with power saving mode Low Power.
iOS 9 launches with a series of useful changes
These changes are rated high because they are very useful for everyday activities of users.
Beta for users of iOS universal 9 will be released on May 7. While beta for developers will be released immediately from today. The official version of iOS 9 will be available in autumn. Apple representatives also said, all the equipment installed by the operating system iOS 8 can run iOS version this 9.

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