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Global smartphone industry: When Apple weight world

global smartphone industry which is a skewed balance of manufacturers number among different platforms. Android dominates the majority of ODM, OEM, Windows Phone simply survive longer with Apple, they are balanced whole world.Android smartphone market covered with a huge number for a variety of designs, ranging from cheap to segment premium. Windows Phone and iOS which are only a minority compared to the number of Android devices. Sales, Apple alone can not "balanced" floating overwhelming number of devices from Android manufacturers. As for the Windows Phone, though Microsoft still is trying to develop its own operating system, but perhaps only in the minority.
Story of sales may not cause a lot of interest by default Android will be bigger all.However, in terms of profit, the story far different than many people think.According to data from research firm Canaccord Genuity migration, Apple accounted for 92% of total operating profit of 8 largest smartphone maker in the world in Q1 / 2015. This figure increased from 65% over the same period last year.
iPhone brings huge profits for Apple. Photo: iMore
iPhone is a highly profitable commodity and practice, carry on his smartphone logo "apple bite out of" very high priced but still favored.
If pooled, Apple and Samsung accounted for over 100% of the profits of the manufacturing sector, the smartphone manufacturers will only draw or even losses. Thus the other 92% will remain almost the whole market, not just in the 8 leading manufacturers. It is worth noting that Apple accounts for 20% of global smartphone market share, which could see the iPhone as commodities and real super profits, the smartphone carrying the logo "apple bite out of" very high price but still favored.
There are many reasons for Apple to get huge profits, largely because there are so many producers focus on Google's open platform and they are self-thinning in many markets are loaded smartphone segment market.


Apple loyal to the premium segment with the new iPhone model, also with secondary market, they push down the old equipment and replacing them. Thus, Apple has always had a steady sales even increasing each years. The smartphone maker Androi different again from the beginning they were confused in choosing to pursue high-end market segment to compete with Apple or expand the segment below boosting market share as Samsung has worked.
Manufacturers his android who makes life difficult. Photo: Internet
In fact, Samsung has been successful manufacturing strategy in every price range smartphone. But there is something of the past, present Samsung is difficult because there are too many competitors. In the premium segment, it is difficult to compete for the Apple store, that's not to mention the likes of Sony, LG, HTC. In the mid-range and low-end, Sammy also lose their market share, especially in China, where Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo. Evidence that the company was faced with falling profits 7th consecutive quarter, this has never happened in the history of its development.
One fact needs to be recognized again, Xiaomi is peeled rights, their profits to cover in sales, leading the company to new heights in a short time.
To the Xiaomi phone company emerging stature suggests strength of their strong growth with sales strategies are considered "top" today. However, one fact must be acknowledged again, Xiaomi is peeled rights, their profits to cover in sales, leading the company to a new level. It will be difficult for the firm to change strategy when selling at prices well into the future. Underground test whether a product received under the Xiaomi premium equivalent price of Apple iPhone. Mi-Fan club would immediately disintegrate due to their long-standing interest will disappear.
Xiaomi unprofitable impressive. Photo: Internet
Samsung and Xiaomi two names that are typical in recent years the world of Android. A man goes down due to difficulties in quantifying, choose the product line, one person is moving strongly but not too big profits. As for HTC, Sony, two manufacturers are really having difficulty in promoting the product, even HTC's situation worse. LG still has the quality products but sales only inadequate.
Apple excellence in business, branding, advertising and skillful in communication is no need to argue. However, the main reason is due to Android manufacturers strain herself alone!


Who can predict the outcome of Nokia, BlackBerry since 2007, a time when Apple launched its iPhone form. Meanwhile, Nokia still accounts for 2/3 of smartphone industry profits and, until late in the decade, the Finnish company and BlackBerry phones still are names that hit the charts worldwide sales.
Apple to seize the opportunity better than other smartphone firms. Photo: Internet
Until this time, Nokia still rekindled chance back with help from the manufacturer Android.Con BlackBerry, which is only a shadow of himself only. Therefore, the departure of two kings for a while in the phone industry in general and smartphones in particular is the opportunity, good fortune for Apple. Right! But only half right because luck was divided among the other carriers including Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei at that time. Nothing more, Apple only good too!
Where good Apple may not need to be discussed again because there were too many analysts pointed out the pros Vietnam from the late CEO Steve Jobs in office and so far, Tim Cook even do better.
Where good Apple may not need to be discussed again because there were too many analysts pointed out the pros Vietnam from the late CEO Steve Jobs in office and so far, Tim Cook even do better. Apple owns a good product, a loyal customer base a large, luxurious symbol subconsciously ingrained in every consumer in the world and more importantly, Apple does not pour too much money on media, articles but Samsung is doing but not really effective.
Apple too good !. Photo: Internet
Techz also had made the comment about how Apple's media began from the time of selling the new iPhone. IFAN large amount of new help firms implement successful advertising than expected, even with many people lined the previous few days, hammocks set up tents to soon have on hand the latest products.Effective communication is even greater, in case you try to put not a IFAN you would be surprised if before the Apple store a lot of people standing in front of the store to make purchases now or in many places even cause obstructing the traffic.This will cause many curious and known carriers instead covering the billboards on the road.

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