Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Apple shares continued to decline in the first week of 2016

Apple shares continued to decline in the first week of 2016
On Wednesday (6/1) past, Apple has seen shares slump 2.5% moments caused the value of shares traded on US exchanges Apple just $ 100.
Psychological insecurity looms over the apple are all these days
However, as noted by Business Insider , a decrease on only occur in an ephemeral moment. But it is also a sign that the psychological instability “dwells” in the minds of investors.  Generally, in the past 6 months, the chart of Apple stock exchange has fallen by about 20%.
Shares of the company have the greatest value planet has the momentum declined in recent months. Partly because the stock market is showing signs of weakening. Besides, is not so optimistic assessment of the potential analyst iPhone sales this year has spread anxiety to many investors.
According to the newspaper Nikkei reported  on Wednesday (6/1), Apple is expected to cut 30% of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Q1 / 2016. The reason for the inventory quantity of this model pretty much.
Since the beginning of the month 7/2015 until now, Apple shares plunged more than 25% of value
Last week, Jay Yarrow editor of Business Insider said that 2016 will indeed be a difficult year for Apple. When the remnants of 2015 has not solved all, Apple will face new challenges from players iPhone.
Most recently at the last session of 2015, Apple’s share price closed at $ 105.26 / share, down 4.64% compared with the same period in 2008 ie 2014. Even before the iPhone launch First, Apple’s stock value also fell steadily throughout the year.
The highest value recorded shares of Apple in May 2/2015 worth of 133 USD / share. Then peaked at $ 134.54 / share on March 4/2015. However, this figure is only a temporary presence and quickly plunged from the following months due to demand saturation iPhone in key markets like China.

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