Monday, July 27, 2015

ASRock H81M-HDS Rev 2.0: Exfoliation small segment of ordinary users

Version 2.0 has several changes compared with the old version.

It has been 2 years since launch, H81 chipset motherboards have received strong interest of the majority of users in Vietnam. The cheapest in the line support processor Haswell, H81 success comes from increased performance and better prices of the Pentium and Core i3 CPUs. Because of that, although the new generation Skylake is near but the motherboard manufacturers are focusing more on the investment policy and product development for H81. According to forecasts, H81 chipset is still standing and achieve high sales at least 6 months.
With a factory located in Binh Duong, ASRock is one of the firms have the ability to change the most flexible product on the needs of the Southeast Asian market. Currently ASRock H81 are 2 stocks in Vietnam are H81M-DGS (VND 1,199,000) and H81M-G (1.419 million VND). Feel 220,000 VND is still slightly higher difference between the two products, particularly in this segment was 100 thousand dollars is difficult for buyers, they decided to produce a longer code is H81M-HDS Rev Price 1,280,000 VND 2.0 - added between two brothers.
Reintroduce a bit of H81M-HDS, the old version 1.0 (VND 1.379.00 price) each motherboard is ASRock selling briskly but recently was dead by the appearance of multiple components H81M-G more , more beautiful, more substance. Cheaper and there are some minor changes in components and materials H81M-HDS 2.0 is also of concern or not? This is something we'll find out right now.
ASRock H81M-HDS Rev 2.0
Containers remain styles of ASRock motherboards for common segment, petite and gentle.

To avoid confusion for users, which clearly recommended the suffix "R2.0" in the box to distinguish it from previous versions.

This product MADE IN VIETNAM, are manufactured at the factory located in Binh Duong ASRock.

Accessories include blocking main follower, disc drivers, manuals and 2 SATA3 cables.

Product design almost unchanged compared as the old version, with dark tones familiar popular product line of ASRock. Components neatly and order. Complete capacitors are solid.

The first change that I noticed was the reduction of 1 phase CPU power, 3 phase only. This adjustment in product development plans: ASRock reduce costs and dropping 1 power phase, reorientation H81M-HDS clear that only R2.0 Pentium and Core i3, Core i5 is still fighting shoulder Game of H81M-G 5 phases.

Each power phase 2 controlled low-impedance MOSFET. Volume 3 phase with components like this is more than enough to power consumption of the Pentium and Core i3.

The next change is in the audio circuit. For Rev 2.0, the ASRock fitted dedicated audio capacitors ELNA Audio Caps instead of ordinary solid capacitors.

H81 motherboards have only two memory slots, supports Dual Channel. ASRock H81M-HDS R2.0 too. Currently, 8 GB RAM has become very popular, 2 x 8 GB is overkill for daily needs and use. Only 2 RAM slots, the region has only 1 phase power supply equipment.
4 port SATA with 2 SATA2 and SATA3 ports fit 2 ng├áng 24 feet beneath the battery, which is examined under USB 3.0 line jumper. Jack layout like this is very nice to go wire, extremely neat.

Besides the PCIe x16 slot for VGA 2.0, H81M-HDS R2.0 only more x1 PCI slots for other devices such as wifi card or sound card. All equipment is manufactured Recent new use of this communication.
CMOS battery placed just above the PCIe x16 slot, very handy when you remove the clear CMOS.

HDS R2.0 H81M-equipped for all 3 outputs common form DSUB, DVI and HDMI. This is an undeniable advantage, the system is always ready to help with any screen or any TV.

ASRock H81M-HDS R2.0 configuration suited to like?
With 3 phase power, H81M-HDS R2.0 appropriate only plug the Pentium or Core i3.Coordinating with that, the most powerful graphics card GTX 750 should be used as Ti, 4 GB of internal memory or 8 GB. Therefore, this motherboard is suitable for gaming profiles and offices from 12 million back - about the price is mostly interested users to Vietnam.

In H81M-HDS R2.0, we saw the strongest decrease compared to the previous version, the 100 thousand dollars, along with the number of power phases decreased from 4 to 3. This is action aimed at reshaping strip ASRock their products, where H81M-G has assumed the position H81 premium segment, H81M-HDS also be turned down lower segment. The small segment split like this benefit to our users, may choose the most appropriate, the most suitable on demand, without having to pay for features never used.
ASRock H81M-HDS R2.0 suitable for configurations under 12 million, using Pentium or Core i3, GTX 750 graphics card from Ti or less. Products with a retail price VND 1,280,000.
- Components good, neat board layout. 
- Having 3 video output port DSUB, DVI and HDMI, ready for every kind of screen and TV. 
- Supports 2 USB 3.0 front panel by equipping additional ASMedia chip. 
- Circuit sound equipment dedicated audio capacitors.

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