Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nokia 3310 confrontation Anzio 20mm heavy rifle Rifle

Richard Ryan had tried blockbuster gun with leading phone and this time, he decided to test the endurance of the phones are considered legendary durability, the Nokia 3310 .Nokia 3310 is the phone of Nokia in the most efficient glorious period. Users can pounding, taking violent action style with Nokia 3310 but did not bring a results, the machine remained unharmed. However, the guns, the Nokia 3310 also suffered defeat. Even the laptop metal design, the smartphone owners toughened glass, super stiff frame must also gave up the power of weapons.
Richard Ryan, a gunman specialized handling equipment technology with guns have decided to check the durability of the Nokia 3310 using voice capable Rifle Anzio 20mm shell penetrated the aircraft, light armored vehicles and fired through the walls of building. Thus, Nokia 3310 is not too annoying obstacle with this gun.
Ruggedized handset of Nokia albeit very uncertain but could not survive after eating the bullets, even the machine was broken. Still. Nokia 3310 will be honored as durable handset in history leading mobile industry. The challenge with guns is a strenuous job and in fact, these phones do not have much opportunity to eat up to 20mm such ammunition.

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