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4 Secrets Decoding Apple design

Apple is synonymous with class design, but very few people know about the Apple design process. Most Apple employees are not allowed to enter the company's design studio. Therefore, work product design at Apple has always been a mystery.No wonder there are many myths circulating about Apple's design process, speculations and imagine a designer at Apple really have to work like.

Apple has the best design
Mark Kawano

"I think the biggest mistake in this concept is the Apple products are designed better, smoother user experience, or the sexier ..., because they have the best design team on world, or to be the best design process, "said Mark Kawano, who was a senior designer of Apple in 7 years, said."But as a designer often meet design professionals from 500 leading companies in the Fortune list, I understand what is truth?"
"In essence, it is the corporate culture, the way businesses organize and evaluate, support design work like. People there are thought to UI and design, not just designers. And so, they do everything for the better "- Mark Kawano answer!
To have a good design work, the CEO must be concerned with the design much like the designers. That is not the task of one person, but of everyone.
"While working at Apple, not what you get is some special power, but now you've got an organization so you can spend the entire time product design, rather than having to struggle keep your couch, or angry because a better blueprint overlooked by a senior manager. In other companies, the designers often have to deal with these issues. "
Kawano stressed that everyone at Apple - from engineering to marketing - in a certain angle, is to think like a designer. "Because, all the designers are responsible for designing the product, but to have a well-designed product as Steve desirable, it is not only the product design, which is designed suitable business model, a proper marketing program, an efficient distribution system.All are important. "
Apple has countless designer
Jony Ive

Facebook has hundreds of designers. Google may have 1,000 or more designers. But when Kawano at Apple, the core product of Apple software is only designed by a relatively small group, about 100 people.
"With Apple, it only has a small team of designers much more effective when Steve Jobs in that, because many comments from Steve" - ​​Kawano said. "However, over time, this model may change, as Apple gradually shifted into a company that has multiple levels of management, they may have developed the design team in many ways".
Notably, Jony Ive, the famous designer of Apple, said that when it comes to design, marketers must also instill the key trends with engineers and designers. The level of cooperation between departments of Apple's another secret revealed unprecedented in the industry.
Apple paid attention to every little detail

Apple products are typically defined to every little detail, especially about the interaction with the user. For example, when you type the wrong password, the password box will react. These types of details are very attentive Apple. They are the moments bring meaningful to users.
Many companies try to mimic Apple's idea. They gradually learn according to X, Y and Z. And they can not move on to the next design until there was a perfect model. But in fact, almost impossible to reach really inventive when you always have to work under deadlines and schedules.
Kawano said the designer Apple (and engineers) often have ideas intelligent interaction - as the interface 3D blocks - in a certain moment suddenly, and then they may concern about this idea for years before a reality.
But, usually everything goes bohemian at all. The problem is that Apple does not make any public framework, but there is a small group of designers and know what people are doing, sharing cultures really comfortable.
All of them fear Steve Jobs

There are a lot of people advice to share at Apple that designers should always embrace the railing, because if Steve Jobs met on the stairs, Steve will ask the designers are doing. And one of two things will happen. One is Steve Jobs will hate what designers are doing and can fire him.Secondly, Steve will like that, he will pay attention to it and the designers will no longer be any sleep any night, not weekends, no holidays until successful project.
The fact is, those who have come with Apple are those who have the spirit of learning, the desire to learn from Steve, and really love the product, Apple's customers. They are willing to give up weekends and holidays. Many such complaints are unfair, because they do not see the value of giving up all to focus on creating the best products to consumers, then sacrifice everything personal.
That's what makes Steve Jobs became the "teenagers" in the eyes of many people. But Steve wanted the best, and expect everyone wants the same thing. Only thing, he had difficulty in understanding those who do not want the same thing, and wondering why they work for his future. Steve is said not tolerate those who are not interested in the product. He does not understand why anyone would not want to sacrifice everything for the company and also for themselves.
There are, Steve was demanding, but he also wanted democracy, and to be treated like everyone.

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