Monday, July 27, 2015

Or see his face on things is so neurotic

If you look at things any, or simply on the carpet motifs, you tend to associate them to face the man, you have encountered the phenomenon is mentioned in this article

"Paredolia" is the psychological phenomenon that people who tend to imagine the illusion as a man, the rabbit, the dog ... when looking at patterns or any objects. This phenomenon is a form of Apophenia (like psychological phenomenon reminiscent of images and infer its meaning).
I see a face in this picture!  How about you?
I see a face in this picture! How about you?

There is a fact that many people suffer from this phenomenon. I'm sure you also had caught the little game asks you to find out how many faces in a certain random picture. Although the picture is, the faces have been arranged very conspicuous, but also will have many faces you can not see out.
How many faces in the picture above?
How many faces in the picture above?

Scientists at the Laboratory of NTT Communications science, Tokyo Japan has conducted experiments on the students here on this phenomenon. The volunteers were looking at a piece of paper with the dots are placed randomly, and try to see the volunteers will see anything from there. Results showed that most of the other volunteers who imagined the faces of people. The researchers said that this phenomenon stems from neurological disorders.
Nervous system disorders tend to express emotions such as stress, fear, insecurity than others.Apparently this makes you more susceptible to these symptoms and Paredolia Apophenia. Their nerves dictate warnings as being threatened, causing neurological disorders have often felt the danger from the usual stuff. In this case, the researchers said that the presence of humans, making them feel in danger.

But the example of the faces in life.
These examples of "face" in life.

This study shows that the reason you see the faces around is because you have the neurological disorder, not because you're trying to search for the faces so you thought.
In return, those with neurotic phenomenon often quite creative, they have the ability to think and sequencing of events better than others. Speaking of this, no one is thinking about the detective not?
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes  auditions.
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes auditions.

If you're really envision a Detective in his head, it seems you are a Apophenia. And I'm sure, the famous Detective Shinichi Kudo as Sherlock Holmes or who are severely mentally disordered, through stories you can also see them express a depressive personality and negative than others, also their ability to reason, then, no question.

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