Friday, July 24, 2015

'BlackBerry' ,phones, will stop production if losses continue

It would be very regrettable if BlackBerry - Prince a world of mobile abandon the game in a way that Nokia sold themselves to Microsoft.
In a recent interview, Mr. John Chen - CEO of BlackBerry that can Strawberry Black will suspend the production of smartphones continued making losses. The reason of this is explained by the pressure coming from the shareholders of the BlackBerry.With revenue declining 31% over the same period last year, many investors have expressed opinions wanted black Strawberry stop pursuing ambitions in the mobile market.

BlackBerry phones will stop production if losses continue
John Chen - Svetlana current CEO of BlackBerry.
According to John Chen, his next plan would be to cut back on investment in the segment of phones popular. Focusing more on the security features and supportbusinesses .
BlackBerry CEO also said that the transformation of the business user and completely removed phone manufacturing sector will cause the company to restructure a lot of parts. This conversion plan if implemented would need to be carefully considered and implemented step by step roadmap. 

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