Monday, July 27, 2015

When children lose fingers, they can still grow back

The kids can actually regrow their fingertips after being surgically removed. You did nothing to intervene, themselves grow back.

When a child is accidentally lost his finger in a bizarre incident with a knife or a car door, there is still a chance that they will grow back. The fingerprints will not be formed, the finger tip which might look a bit strange but the bones, meat and nails will return.
The cells at the base of the nail is the key to this phenomenon

The biologists at New York University have discovered reborn phenomenon familiar with lizards appear on both the mouse. Last week, they unveiled a report in the journal Nature that there is some secret ingredient in nail cuticle may have caused this phenomenon.
Although the phenomenon of some children grow back their finger was observed long ago but scientists have yet to understand the mechanism of this phenomenon. Dr. Christopher Allan from madicine Hand Center at Washington University said, " The kids really can regrow their fingertips after being surgically removed. You did nothing to intervene, themselves grow back. ".
Several years ago, when an 8 year old girl accidentally stuck your finger in a bicycle wheel of her brother. The wheel had taken the first part of her middle finger, near the nail cuticle. Parents rushed to the emergency room girls to sew them up.
Allan then work in specialist renewable chi, he was unable to find the artery when it has been hurt very badly. So he asked another doctor just sew the fingers back and hope.
She was back in a few weeks with the old finger in a small bag. A new finger on her hand."Allan said. It's much better solution that I perform transplants fingers for her . "

Currently only the top part red bowl in his hand with the ability to regenerate

Similar cases reported by doctors since the 1970s when the kids grow back their fingers after an accident at the near nails.
Scientists are observing a similar phenomenon in rats. The mice age more or less can also do this.Mayumi Ito of the University of New York said, " It was perfect. These rats can mature re in completely lost their bodies . "
But experiments have left a foundation of successful new mice. She and her team are studying the mechanism itself of this process.
Similar nail hair. We continue to grow even as we mature. Both need a continuous supply of cells to help them rigidity. For those curly, each cell contains its capsule serves as a perm. These cells decide the style, color your hair.
Now, the team of Ito has found special cells at the base of the mouse. She calls it "the original nail cells". They are right near the epidermis. As part of the mouse finger amputated, stem cells start to grow back nail claw portion for them. Not only that, the signals are transmitted from the cell also brings with bones, flesh and nerves to heal wounds.
The first part of the foundation spends nearly mice regenerate
The first part of the foundation spends nearly mice regenerate

In amphibians, the nerves are all factors stimulating the regeneration process, "Ito said. "We are not sure this is true for mammals but not the nerve is essential for production of bone cells to the mice . "
These "stem cell foundation" may carry a special function to stimulate the regeneration of nerve and bone growth. We are testing this hypothesis in mice. However, our aim is to find them inhumans. "
To date, the work of Ito and his team are continuing. Hopefully they will achieve new successes.Maybe in the near future, with the development of such studies will give people the ability to reconstruct the lost limbs and parts.

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