Monday, July 27, 2015

Leaks Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini, launched in August?

The selling price of S6 Galaxy Mini is still a mystery, but more likely, it will be announced at the next 13/8.

As usual every year, after the launch of the Galaxy S line of super products, Samsung will launch more a shortened version of the flagship configure it. In 2015, the S6 and S6 edge Galaxy is not an exception.

Specifically, according to sources from the site PhoneArena, Korean manufacturers will continue S6 version unveiled Galaxy Mini, but it certainly will not have a shortened version of the S6 in August next edge. In addition, this may also be the time Samsung will unveil blockbuster duo edge Note 5 and S6 Plus.
Based on the leaked images, we can see, the S6 Mini will retain almost the entire design of its predecessor, with metal frame, back glass surface, but the screen size will be reduced, just 4.6 to 4.7 inch, 720p HD resolution.
In addition, the machine will be equipped with Qualcomm processor is 808 Snapdragon, Adreno graphics processor 418, 2GB RAM, with the main camera on the back of up to 16 MP camera on the front of the camera before selfie highly resolution of 5 MP, and runs Android 5.1.1 when shipped.
In particular, according to the leaked information, it looks like the "rift" between Samsung and Qualcomm feelings just rumors. Because if this is the configuration of the S6 Mini, the arrival of 808 Snapdragon chipset will be demonstrated most clearly.
However, unknown, this version has been upgraded Samsung 32 GB of internal memory or integrated fingerprint sensor not. Meanwhile, the price of the Galaxy S6 Mini is still a mystery, but more likely, it will be announced at the next 13/8.

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