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Reviewed Kisai Link bracelets: rustic Japanese right quality, price is still high

Equipment Kisai Link has good processing quality, features satisfy the most basic demand of users in a normal working day.True to the predictions of experts on the equipment wear market, 2015 was the golden time help for SmartWatch and Smart bracelet interested users and consume more. If the market is being monopolized by SmartWatch Apple Watch, the market smart bracelets to be left open, with the emergence of so many different brands.

In this battle, the Tokyo Flash, a representative from Japan was considered the brightest face with product lines Kisai Link bracelet around. However, unlike existing devices, Kisai Link to reach users in the rustic, casual but no less effective. After you read the introduction to open image Kisai Link bracelet box not long ago, we will make your experience.

Designed for quality 9
Two versions Kisai Link that you donated our Japanese version and edition leather belt stainless steel wire with common colors are black. While the leather straps giving it a sense of masculine, noble, then re-wire version makes the wearer becoming stronger and dynamic. Basically, Kisai Link bracelet is divided into three main parts: strap, buckle strap and the central controller.
Talking about the strap, the second edition leather and steel wire rope are Tokyo Flash worked very meticulous, high quality finishing, leather strap gives users comfortable feeling on the wrist, similar to the traditional timepiece normal. Longer versions may be slightly heavy-handed, but with the wrist to the user, this is the strong point.

As for the buckle strap, similar parts with courses usually worn on the clock, remove / open easy, no point beyond reproach.
In addition, the central controller or surface equipment is made of metal and monolithic sure, but no display as many other products. One side is hard to control knobs Kisai Link, however, sink knobs job forcing users to use more difficult. The remaining edge areas show the notice with 4 main icons: Bluetooth, Mail, Messages, Call.
Bluetooth icon will display with blue LEDs, notification devices being connected to the smartphone, the Mail icon also has a similar color, Messages with green, while the icon is red Call .

Overall, the device looks pretty simple wear Kisai Link, exudes rustic capital, with a high degree of perfection. Of course, if you do not love this latest version 2 users can choose different strap materials, abundant and more particularly from the Japanese manufacturer.
Why use Kisai Link?
Perhaps, this is the biggest question posed every time users looking to buy the equipment wear.And here is the Kisai Link feature gives you, to answer questions on. Accordingly, Kisai Link bracelets will have 3 main functions include: notice, cell phone and duration of use.
Experience Kisai Link bracelets

The first is the announcement function, as mentioned above, through an application called Kisai Bridge on smartphones (the application of Kisai governmental Link), the device will connect to wear smartphone via Bluetooth wave short-range, effective in the range of 5-10 m.
Kisai Link will notify you 3 information as messages, calls and emails. Additionally, messaging features including social networking notifications or messages on the Facebook Messenger. Every time you receive a notification in 3 above, the LED will flash, vibrate and 1 recovery.
Normally, this type bracelet will broadcast the notice accompanying sound, however, the producer said that the sound emitted will affect the working space of the user. And a vibration feedback is enough for us to recognize these notifications. Through experience, if you wear Kisai Traffic Link and participation by motorbike, a vibration in combination with LED lights proved very effective.

Next is a cell phone feature, rather than having to hunt your smartphone mixed clothes, a desk full of work books and papers, we just need to keep on the hard buttons on the side of the device for 5 seconds. Immediately, the smartphone will ring to find the equipment user. In particular, the smartphone will still play a sound even when placed in Silent mode.
Of course, in the wall of your smartphone battery has expired or been deliberately turned off, the source of this method is almost ineffective. In addition, the maximum distance is about finding smartphone 10 m, by the scope of this, Bluetooth wave will be disconnected.

Finally, it is a factor that many users are interested in, that is the battery life on Kisai Link.Through experience, equipment wear may timeout is about 5 days, while the maximum amount of use per charge is approximately 2 1 day, for those who are always busy with the message, call , email.
In particular, due to over-capacity batteries Kisai Link not so large that each full charge takes up to 3 hours. The charger with the device is also very useful, with one head was normal USB, charging one end plugged directly into devices with magnets, avoiding the charging cable from the device slip.

Overall, the features that Kisai Link provides users with very basic, very helpful but not too fancy or wasteful. Design products are also on the eyes, rustic, homely. However, perhaps, a very popular feature is now tracking a user's health has been the Japanese manufacturer ignore quite unfortunate.
In addition, price 80 USD, the equivalent of 1.7 million is still high price for a device not much breakthrough. And if you add the shipping fee, certainly, users will weigh a lot on this device.
Of course, if you love the new masters, want to improve experience with the equipment worn, Kisai links that will give you much more choice with buckles rich material. This ensures you will own an exclusive bracelet, strangers without fear "in touch".
Interested readers can learn more about the product or ordering Kisai Link here .

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