Monday, July 27, 2015

Life easier, more convenient and personal virtual assistant Digital 6

Digital 6 will support their owners a lot in all daily activities.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is indeed no longer first novel concept, we have very long strides, from the merely 1 mobile applications, they have become both individual devices , independent. And there is one virtual assistants such independent individuals are posted on the website attracts fashion capital Indiegogo entitled Digital 6 (D6).

Digital 6 unlike any other virtual assistants are currently on the market, they are designed to not only learn from the employer but also have the ability to absorb information with lightning speed.So we will absolutely become one of the owner's personal assistant by the ability to grasp the habits and preferences of the user.

With its relatively small size, they can easily be inserted into the pocket so that users carry everywhere, This suggests users will have the ongoing support investment D6. Digital's unique thing that's 6 in the ability to remember the user's preferences to provide them with more reasonable proposals such as restaurant suggestions, news, information, discounts will be given preference has been remembered helping their lives more convenient.

Besides, this device also integrates 1 pc cameras multifunction, we help operators around the image before making the reaction, which makes the handling of the device becomes more comprehensive and accurate more. With the camera, D6 likely learn about the environment, track fixtures, warning if the user forgot one item, identifying faces to distinguish between acquaintances and strangers.
Ability to distinguish persons with family members stranger.
Ability to distinguish persons with family members stranger.

With the mobile application comes along D6 users can search for new friends has never been easier, we will list some common ground between the user and objects around and make suggestions make friend. Also, D6 has proposed two new locations consistent with the employer's interests.

To prevent security problems, this product will not be collected and stored the user behavior of users. D6 only use the information obtained from the camera villages and their location information to understand preferences and needs, through which to make accurate suggestions.

Overall, D6 almost perfect 1 virtual assistants to anyone by the ability to remember user habits, filtering information and surveillance cameras, identify good, give immediate warning and size compact easy to bring people anywhere, anytime. Expectedly, Digital 6 will have rates around 159 USD for 1 product.
Below is a video introduction to the device individual virtual assistant:

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