Monday, July 27, 2015

Professional gamers will also be checked stimulant prior to competition

Organizations Showdown will start checking stimulants (doping) inside players next month, a move to help eSports tournament is fairer and bring higher value properties.Announcement from Electronic Sports Association (ESL) was launched last week after a few players admitted using the stimulant Adderall in the league (a drug that stimulates the central nervous system), raises quite a lot of debate around issues which have long been seen as the scourge of traditional sports background.

Electronic Sports Association ESL make decisions on Thursday last, conduct random checks on skin irritants athletes ESL eSports tournament in Cologne One of Germany's hosting of the month 8. It is known that this is the tournament Counter Strike: Global Offensive prizes worth up to $ 250,000.
ESL said it will cooperate with the World Anti-Doping Agency and anti-doping agencies of Germany to make reasonable provisions for the issue and aims to carry out the doping controls in the major leagues when regulations It started to be applied.
"ESports growing clarity and common to the countries in the world, as well as the prize value was increased more and makes not only the individual and team competitions to find ways to circumvent the law, but also can affect and harm more to this sport " , the association said ESL.
"We are committed to continuously protect integrity of the competition and create a level playing field for professional gamers" , the association said.
Earlier this month, Kory Friesen, who is currently a member of the team game Counter Strike Gaming Nihilum, revealing his process of playing with the old team in the tournament team worth $ 250,000. In interviews with other gamers, Friesen has mentioned that his 5-member group had used stimulant called Adderall.

"The association's funny ... I do not care, we are using Adderall, and the mass of them do so" , he smiled and said. Reportedly, the association ESL is currently the largest e-sports world, with over 5 million registered users participate in the event. The association organizes many tournaments with various game content.

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