Monday, July 27, 2015

Running over 500 km with just water fuel ...

A Brazilian man has manufactured motorcycles can run more than 500 km with just one liter of water.

On the last 25/7, posted a video channel Ruptly on unique bike, run entirely by water. Ricardo Azevedo, owner of the car from the city of Sao Paulo, Brazi. He said the car could go all the way over 500 km long with one liter of water.

In the short video, he Azevedo can drink water before emptying into the bottle mounted in the rear saddle to prove the liquid in the bottle was water, not any other fuel. He also explained the mechanism of operation of the vehicle, even cars can get polluted water from the river Tiete to refuel.

The car is named "T Power H2O" operations thanks to an automobile battery acts generate electricity and hydrogen separated from water molecules. From there, the combustion process will help the car move.

The idea of car-friendly environment of Mr. Azevedo is a lot of people in favor of Brazil. Mr. Azevedo said: "The benefits of the vehicle is the operation of electricity and fuel emits only water resulting steam. This differs from gasoline vehicles, perpetrators CO emissions into the environment. ".
Fill the bottle with water and start the journey.

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