Monday, July 27, 2015

From the silent death of the "Father SMS" Edison and Tesla looked about

To go down in history as a brilliant inventor, you need a "merciless evil birds' tendency to go against many people and to be a PR genius.

When Alexander Graham Bell died in 1922, he went down in history with the invention of the telecommunications system which forever changed the way we interact with each other. When Matti Makkonen, father of SMS died last month, very few people outside the media industry know him. Why a man can be considered a symbol of the technology are less well known such people?

Makkonen (who died last month at age 63) is considered a giant of mobile industry. It was the first to introduce the concept of text messaging via mobile networks in 1984. In the process, he has started a revolution in the field of communications. Thousands of billions of messages are sent each year is his legacy.
But while the name Bell in association with familiar devices they invented the SMS message in the minds of people like is a more collective heritage of a particular individual. Although those in the communications industry are called Makkonen as the "father of SMS," but he was always very humble and always appreciated the contributions of others. It makes little known creators Finns than senior scientist.

In an interview with the BBC in 2012 (conducted via SMS), Makkonen says: "I do not think SMS is a personal achievement, but it is a joint effort of many people."
Reverence for his Makkonen is due to uphold the spirit of cooperation in scientific research, with him every success comes from the efforts of everyone. In contrast, Bell once said: "The sun's rays can not ignite without concentrating them" . He highly concentrated factor for an individual, so in terms of collective work, Bell was not appreciated as Makkonen, he was even accused of having destroyed the telephone patent Antonio Meucci's, an Italian inventor, who is said to have invented the telephone before Bell.
One other case is Thomas Edison, famous for his many inventions to the humanity but few know is almost the majority of them are the result of many colleagues along with his research.
The Bell and Edison deify humanity makes us very many others owe a celebration which otherwise they must have. Edison once said that he would not fail, just found 10,000 ways that do not succeed (refer to him have found many different ways to solve problems in scientific research). He never mentioned the name of the employee, partner or competitor at work and even exploited, buy or steal the fruits of their blatant.
This is a giant but standing on the shoulders of dwarves and crushed them. Even Nikola Tesla, who was honored as the heroes of the modern world is not the only person working on the project that made his name.
However, this does not mean that the famous inventor in history are "charlatans". More than 20 people are believed to be invented light bulb before Edison, but why are they still in the "dark"?That is the Edison can not personally most eminent in science, but he was a genius production and marketing.
Changing the world with a great idea will not get you rich and famous. To go down in history as a brilliant inventor, you need a "merciless evil birds' tendency to go against many people and to be a PR genius.
Want to be famous, there is no room for modesty and deep, everyone needs an "explosion", the expression to know who you are. That is why Edison, who in fact was announced himself invented everything most Americans Matti Makkonen known while scientists remain a "lonely" with his invention.
Ironically, Edison not filed a patent for the innovation of its most authentic: the laboratory scale testing. Menlo Park is the first laboratory in this model, which has the ability to turn the sketch into actual products.
I have always refused Makkonen invented SMS. He was right to point out Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert, who first developed the protocol message 160 characters and Nokia, the first company to create text messages on your new phone is the inventor SMS . In talks with the press, Makkonen seeks to turn the conversation to the broader problem of the phone industry.

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