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We are dependent on the Internet?

Power and usefulness of the Internet is well known. But whether we are too dependent on it, or even addicted to the Internet?

Internet Addiction?  Photo: Internet
Internet addiction is becoming alarming.

Today, we love technology thing, it shows directly via the smartphone, tablet, via the social networks that we are taking and we are gradually through reliance on the Internet. The great power of the Internet enough to cause us to love it, but that love is too limited to have normal? A study in 2014 revealed that about 16% of people aged 18-25 in the US are very much dependent on the Internet, where they spent more than 15 hours a day to "Online".
Are we being "addicted" to the Internet?

In fact, the use of computer addiction long then often imposed for girls, boys addicted to playing games in transition. In China, it is quite the center to "cure" for those who are addicted to the Internet (mostly youth and adolescents). The same thing is happening in Korea, when people have to statistics that 1/10 of all children aged 10-19 years in this country are addicted to the Internet.
A rehabilitation center for youth Internet addiction in China position

A disease?
In fact, Internet addiction is not officially recognized as a medical condition. Only thing its influence to psychophysiology of "patients" cause people to have the treatment center and the procedures for their treatment. Harmful effects of Internet addiction is getting bigger, and people are slowly see it as a disease and not just a social problem as well.
In America, people are arguing whether to add to the symptoms of Internet addiction in the DSM-5 - a general brochure symptoms of mental illness was built by experts in the US. But before there is a result of that, we should start to worry and to face their own issues.
Research has shown that the use of excessive technology in general and the Internet in particular will create dependency and even addiction to both mental and physical. Since born and grew up, the people forming personalities and habits through social interaction. So today's world of technology and the Internet has completely changed the way we interact with society. In the long term, it also causes a hazard to human health.
But no need of the medical establishment, we perhaps can easily find the effects of this phenomenon around us.
Modern life is impacting strongly on family life today. Do not think that only young children, even the fathers, mothers also are becoming a part of that change. It is not too uncommon sight fathers, mothers busy day around the phone, email, their message. Funny thing is, it is they who are teaching their children to be careful with the impact of technology (play games, use the phone, ...).
Image not too rare today.  Photo: Internet
Image not too rare today. Photo: Internet

With teenagers, they also have reason to head against the computer, phone. The influence of friends, lack of interest of parents (do not take the big animal they do reason, they are too young to understand it) that girls and boys go to the technological equipment as a spiritual compensation.There, they get attention, from community sharing albeit virtual connections.
All of us are committed to using technology and Internet map just "routine". But this habit is clearly problematic and we know that. It's just that nobody wants to admit that they are "addicted" to all. The use of technology too much stress can cause brain, affecting vision (long-term computer use) and even negatively affect emotions. Consequently the performance of the learning, work life is also affected.
If you are a person working with the machine, I guarantee you no stranger to the dizziness, eye strain, hip pain after a full day of hard work. Science has proven that to look at a computer screen for long periods causes the nervous system of people directly affected. These people would be "sensitive" than normal, irritability, anxiety, restlessness and tend closed itself. With these "addicts" and social networking game, the problem is worse than that. The immersed in virtual worlds, virtual relationships that they are tied into it. They are willing to spend hours to go 'hunting boss' and his accomplices, for hours to chat with virtual friends but I could not spend more than a few minutes to talk with friends in real life.
Solutions come from ourselves
No one else but ourselves is the need to act to resolve this problem. In Korea, not only rehabilitation center for youth Internet addiction, they also put entirely into the curriculum for children 3 years old and how to protect themselves from digital gadgets and technology. Closer to home, the small actions in their families will help people less time for technology products and prevent their harmful effects.
If possible, please instruct your child how to use a safety technology
If possible, please instruct your child how to use a safety technology

For children too young, the advice of the scientists is not recommended to give children exposure to technological devices such as phones, computers, phone .... waves will affect growth Your baby's development, as well as exposure to electronic screens too soon can lead to young vision impaired. On the advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics, we should not let children under 2 years exposure to "any kind of public display."
While those who are teenagers, the problem should be solved more subtle. Fathers, mothers should consider contact with children more, understand them better. The smartphone and computer completely can be used for good if the girl, boy guidance from their parents. But the best solution is still to limit the presence of technological items in the living habits of families.The cozy dinner, the conversation would great kindness much if they are not broken by the ringing phone by parents or electronic games can't-leave-hand of the children.
Internet and the power of it there is nothing bad at all, just that we use them how only. Please use the technology, but do not depend on it.

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