Monday, July 27, 2015

Smart Cars increasingly at risk of hacker attacks

The first is the computer under attack, then the mobile phone, and now is the smart car will likely be threatened by hackers.

Smart car (smart car) increasingly modernized with many advantages features Vietnam, including the connection to the internet, but this is also the point where hackers could exploit to attack."What kind of car is vulnerable to attack because they had never been created to run and not to the defense."

"If you put anything that has been specifically designed to treat certain environmental one to use in a different environment, the more likely it will be attacked 1 easily. It is like Bambi left its forests to the plain, "Jeff Williams, chief technology officer of security firm Contrast Security.
Number of car internet connections growing rapidly. Research firm Gartner predicts that by 2020, there will be about 250 million internet connections operated vehicles on the streets. The security research company also started to test the ability of being attacked by these vehicles in recent years. But until this point they mostly can penetrate into the vehicle within certain physical or thanks to special hardware devices were built into cars.

But experts recently showed White Hats existing models with wireless connections can be attacked without through such conditions. According to Wired recently reported on the 3rd, said two security researchers have found a hole in the car of Fiat Chrysler, allowing the hackers can control from the internet through the thousands of miles that way.
This vulnerability arises from UConnect features available on the Chrysler Fiat car, this is a feature that helps the driver can make calls, control entertainment devices, navigation and create WiFi hotspot. Once hacked, the hacker will detect the IP address of the vehicle through waves of UConnect connection and thus can be controlled from anywhere in the country.
Fiat Chrysler's Jeep Cherokee.
Fiat Chrysler's Jeep Cherokee.

From this starting point, the hacker can infiltrate entertainment controller chips and reprogrammable firmware to install malicious code on your system to hijack machines and braking systems. Representatives from Chrysler said the company has a team identified potential gaps inside their vehicles.
Earlier this year, BMW has occurred a similar situation when the researchers have discovered flaws in the system can allow them to unlock the car remotely. While the researchers had tried to find loopholes to repair the bad hackers will take this opportunity to find ways to attack and use the money for the purpose. Such as hackers can rely on GPS on the vehicle to locate the driver, then implant the virus into the computer of the car that the car does not work until the money is transferred to the account of the hacker This.
So the way to protect your car smart?
If the owner of a smart car, it's important to do is to always update the software of the car regularly. However, car manufacturers do not provide updates also through wireless systems, such as Chrysler offers a current patches for vehicles but users need to install this via USB or to the dealer locally to carry out the update.

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