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The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6

iPhone 6 is one of the smartphone is the most complete evaluation on the market at the moment. However, there are many details in the form HTC One M9 phone from Apple should aspire room looked.Among the sample premium smartphone in the top this time, One M9 and iPhone 6is classified into the ranks of the most notable names. Volume fan, can confirm that the iPhone 6 will outstrip its rivals. But not so that One M9 and weak. With the believers of samples phones from HTC, the following outstanding features are more than enough for them to feel comfortable with ignoring One M9 phones from Apple alternates.


Not long ago, One M7 been known for trophy smartphone with the world's best designers. Manufacturers have preserved it with One M8 and M9 to One new product line here, HTC has launched its phones up to a new level.
Not owning too much of a difference compared to the One M8 phones before, but changing a few small but exquisite detail was enough to One M9 makes the difference.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
M9 possesses a new design language called Dual Finish. This is also a trait of HTC phones ahead of other competitors in the market. When the aluminum unibody has become a common language of most advanced smartphone on the market today, the way out of HTC and One M9 brings a totally different feeling.
Can understand the style Dual Finish phone shell design with two metal layers instead of one layer as before. In One M9, we will see the emergence of a layer of metal rim running along the side of the handset. Metal contour is designed seamlessly with the back side of the machine.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
With One M9, HTC has launched smartphones designed metal casing up to a new level.
Compared with stylish rounded corners and beveled edges as in the iPhone 6, Dual Finish helps minimize the forces acting on models of HTC. In the case of the incident impact with hard surfaces, the metal rim overhang will catch the full impact force, while reducing the impact on the telephone next to the above section is designed concave inside. This will help minimize the pinched up backdrop screen, meaning that the machine will be protected more carefully in case of trouble with external forces.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
iPhone 6 will not be able to keep flawless beauty in cases plummeting to the ground.But with One M9, the improvements of the machine gives us a more masculine products, prettier but also more rugged and more durable.


Compared to the iPhone 6, outstanding features of phones from HTC is intechnology special BoomSound speakers with vivid surround sound. This is because of the chemistry between HTC and Dolby - a known manufacturer with many years experience in the field of production of audio equipment.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
The result of this affinity system brings 5.1 surround sound on a mobile phone. This is something that no one manufacturer can challenge the dominance of HTC throne.The blending of sounds help One M9 possesses a lifelike audio and power. Besides, the ability to play digital music with 24 bit quality also brings great experience in the personal music player.
One remarkable point M9 are located in software systems support a maximum that HTC has developed exclusively for this phone model. To cater for their different needs, HTC has brought the sound modes for different custom. The users can fully enjoy the smoother when he heard a melodious music, though just one operation to convert the audio mode, the bass will be turned over immediately to bring an experience completely different.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
This also appears again in case users use a headset. Depending on different headphones, users will be able to select the corresponding audio mode to produce a surround sound experience with the perfect quality.
Apple promises to bring a product with better sound quality after the deal to buy $ 3 billion of Beats Audio. However, the change was not for the iPhone 6. Compared to the predecessor, the iPhone 5s , music playing capabilities of iPhone 6 with little change.
With iPhone 6s or iPhone 7, likely will have a fair competition on the sound quality between Apple and HTC. Also at this time, One M9 is still champion.


If as in the One M8 ago, HTC phones are not rated highly on the resolution of the camera by focusing on the development of Ultra Pixels with low-light shooting capabilities. Still to come M9, manufacturer HTC has shown courage in abandoning camera technology which made ​​a name for himself.

Review HTC One M9 camera: Touch blockbuster threshold

( Ability to fast camera startup, known headline headline merrily when taken together with impressive sharpness of the image are some attractions when shooting with the HTC One M9.
With the camera behind, instead of owning only 4 megapixel resolution, HTC has replaced it with a sensor with 20.7 megapixel resolution and aperture f / 2.0. In return, an image sensor with Ultra Pixels are manufacturers pushed across the front.This also means that, before the One M9 camera will own quality camera lens after a par with the One M8 ago.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
Optical Diode on camera before using the technology of One M9 UltraPixels 2 microns in size, much larger than 1.4 microns in size as in the conventional phones.
UltraPixels technology gives advance of One M9 camera pixels with larger sizes.This is achieved by using HTC optical diode larger than the other firms. Optical Diode means larger amount of light admitted to be more, faster shutter speed, the ability to better absorb light, pictures will be few more in low light conditions.
With a camera, light is synonymous with data. Once more data is received, the picture quality will change for the better.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
One camera on the back of the camera M8 be swapped before the One M9, previous camera models from HTC will be able to deliver quality pictures like this.
Back to the front of One M9 camera, equipped with technology to help form this phone UltraPixels owned by the camera capture capability up front not only than that of the iPhone 6, but also formidable rivals in the market. Moreover, the imaging speed and see rapid improvement, even the main camera on the most advanced smartphones today have to look before the One M9 camera with a gaze in awe.


Duration battery is one of the significant differences with One M9 and iPhone 6. If only purely at statistics, with 2840 mAh battery, One M9 proved superior to battery only 1,810 mAh of models from Apple.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
In the course of practical experience, One M9 also showed their overwhelming dominance of the battery though not too much difference as the difference in plant capacity. This is due to better management mechanism of iOS on the Apple phones.
In conditions of continuous operation with high performance (movie online using the WiFi connection, the screen brightness to 50%), One M9 pretty good results with using 6h12 minutes duration. With the iPhone 6, endurance of this model with slightly less 5h43 minute time period.
The plus points help HTC One M9 'knock' iPhone 6
Charging time also shows the superiority of models from HTC. To fully charge from 0-100%, One M9 to 127 minute time period, this figure is lower than the amount of time up to 142 minutes of iPhone 6. It can be seen despite owning a higher battery capacity, One M9 still have better speed charging of Apple phones, this is thanks to quick charging technology called Quick Charge 2.0 of HTC. Besides the super-fast charging capability, One M9 also be appreciated thanks to the built-in energy-saving mode called Power Saving Mode Extreme.
In general, with considerable strengths to be proud of themselves, One M9 showed a significant difference between these models with numerous other high-end products on the mobile market. Therefore, M9 is being viewed as one of the most formidable opponents of the renowned manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung.For those who prefer to make their own choices and different personalities, One M9 and not any other model would be the most appropriate model for what they are seeking.
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