Thursday, July 23, 2015

SmartWatch next Samsung will support NFC for mobile payments

 A report from South Korea said Samsung plans to provide intelligent generation of his clock in the second half of 2015.Specifically, the report shows a sample SmartWatch support to bring NFC mobile payment capabilities through Samsung service.
SmartWatch next Samsung will support NFC for mobile payments
New SmartWatch supports payment via Pay Samsung. Photo: Internet
In early March, Samsung has introduced mobile payment service called Samsung its Pay in the US and South Korea. The service will launch with partners selected firms in the following month. Currently, Samsung has yet to speak about information leakage.
Apple also has equipped with NFC on their watches so that customers can use it to make mobile payments, however, the airline must pay a fee for each transaction from your device. While Google recently introduced the Android Pay at Google I / O last month, the Wall Street Journal last week that Google will not collect any fees from banking transactions through new provisions concerning security standards tags.

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