Thursday, July 23, 2015

Appeared wearing smart devices serve for "sex"

wearing smart devices has brought a more comfortable life. Wrist watches, rings healthcare, smart glass market was launched and now even the startup of the service wearable "sex".
Previously, Page technology Engadget also reported on the trend of using smart devices to enhance the experience and ability in doing "sex" in the future and for the present time, the trend has concretized.
A project that started out at Indiegogo is attracting many people with the idea of bringing equipment into service smart wear for most private moments in the life of every person.
The Lovely, a form of sex toys intelligent project of the same name on Indiegoo. The device can be worn over "small boy" to track sexual activity, calculate calories burned, number of times "to enter" to calculate the intensity of activity.
Appeared wearing smart devices serve
The Lovely. Photo: Indiegogo
Like other wearablet, The Lovely can connect smartphones , tablet through theapplication , for the measurement of the activity mentioned above, other data will be established before proposing a new position to help you enhanced "feeling" in the next time.
Regarding design, The Lovely made with stretchable silicon suitable for all different size comes increased vibration feature to lock touch. Devices are connected to the smartphone via bluetooth, battery duration lasts for 7 hours, continuous vibration in only 2 hours and supports wireless charging.

Currently, this project needs $ 95,000 to be able to start production, unit prices fell to around 169 USD. Those who donate will receive The Lovely in June next year.

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