Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dell launched the competition: Challenge Unlimited

 Since the date of 25/05/2015, Dell Vietnam Officially launch the competition: Challenge Unlimited.  (Techz.vn) Since the date of 25/05/2015, Dell Vietnam Officially launch the competition: Unlimited Challenge.  The contest will last off off until the evening of 7/12/2015 with many attractive Prizes as tablet Dell Venue 5, 1 Dell Inspiron 11 laptop and a lot of technology products such as phones, hard drives Mobile ... "Unlimited Challenge" contest is creating in print Incentives for motivating Themselves SURPASS people to share moments of humor and to connect with the community.  To Participate in the program, all Citizens Vietnam Garment send submissions by the video recording process of conquering the Challenges posed by Dell fun.  The competition promises to bring creative ideas for surprise laughter for everyone.
Dell Launched the competition: Challenge Unlimited
Join this program, Dell was Chosen to accompany 365 Daband throughout the contest. 4 members of the band include Issac, Jun, ST and Will will be the first secure an implementation of the challenge from Dell and inspire people to conquer the "Threads Struggle" is. 
Ms. Hang Kim Tuong Thuy - Vietnam Dell Marketing Director, said: " Everyone wants to Overcome Challenges of, but not enough motivation. "Challenge Unlimited" Challenges Brought very small but requires you to have the creativity and spirit transcend the personal limits. We hope will bring joy and motivation that contest to the spirit of "I do" to spread to everyone, Especially the young. "       

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