Tuesday, July 21, 2015

8 simple characters 'knock' your Skype friends

Popular chat application Skype am also quite dangerous encounters an error, just get a message with 8 characters below, Skype on the PC and phone and thậm SUSPENDED sẽ to reinstall. 8 characters "  http: //:  'looks familiar vì chứa character opening a link on the Internet.  But if inadvertently send the message chúng chứa the 8 characters on Skype, considering you can chat you will feel extremely angry vì made ​​his chúng Skype crashes, even level and Phải cài lại irreparable.  This is a simple error, but quite dangerous mà Skype was acquired.
This information Discovered by a user Đã named Giperion. Theo Giperion, after những Receiving letters, application Skype deactivated and can not Overcome. This problem was recognized companies on Windows, Android and iOS, and Mac users are still "safe and sound".
8 simple characters 'knock' của Skype friends
Theo our testing, get the message out khi indeed, Skype application on your Windows machine stopped working ngay with the message "Skype has stopped working".  When users restart, reload feature Skype chat history will make this application is Interrupted again.
So it is best to ask the sender to delete messages mà come pre-visit, then download to use Skype older. Tuy nhiên, this is not feasible with Skype users thời on iOS and Android by the platform only to download cho phép những Skype version.
8 simple characters 'knock' của Skype friends
Although not too dangerous in terms of security, but this flaw gặp Considerable nuisance Makes Skype users. Especially this is used multiple khi applications for the job. Therefore, you shouldnt test this with my friends, my Colleagues.
Managing Unit of Skype has recognized companies this error, and perhaps' to fix the problem security update will be in the near future Launched.

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