Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead

 Although equipped with advanced technology, innovative design.Song LG G4 has yet to attract users as rivals 'countryman' Galaxy S6.Only a few days away, users in Vietnam will officially be experienced in 2015's blockbuster LG. In addition to lower prices, eye-catching design with multiple options on a back. But LG G4 has yet to make strong appeals to what Samsung has giventhe Galaxy S6 .
Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
So what reason flagship version of Samsung impression than the G4, invite you to read the same track through the following reasons.


Obviously, when the grip on his hand, Galaxy S6 will cause the stronger influence with the user by two shiny glass and luxurious, a rigid metal frame is also one of the highlights of this product . Meanwhile, the standard version of LG G4 only use fake plastic metal, if you want to own a leather back cover version you have to pay a price almost equal Galaxy S6.
Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
Of course, the detachable face back on the 2 versions of the LG G4 could not ever bring great experience as monolithic design of Galaxy S6.


Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
LG G4 though owning larger screen, more optimal size, but the thickness of the machine was not humble at all with 9.8 mm. Meanwhile, Galaxy S6 to stick up current design trends with a thickness of only about 6,8mm. Thus, the overall size of the Galaxy S6 will be somewhat more petite, synonymous with grip and easier.
LG G4 owners 148,9mm length, width 76,1mm. Meanwhile, Galaxy S6 143,4mm length, width and inferior to 70,5mm.


Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
With support 'invaluable' technology Super AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S6, will give users feel more excited with vivid display quality, together with ultra-sharp resolution of 2K. Although there were significant improvements from LG for G4 screen, with color accuracy than the 20% and 50% higher contrast, brightness and more marginally to 30%.
But in fact, when you put two devices side by side, Galaxy S6 will show you the difference between two relatively distinct devices.


Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
Fingerprint sensor one worthwhile upgrade of Samsung on form its key products.With the ability to identify quickly and accurately, we can say this is a great improvement compared to its predecessor Galaxy S5 . But it's a pity that the LG Versa 'late' this important function on G4.


Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
Samsung equipped with 8-core processor Exynos 7420 Galaxy S6, and certainly something that, it all works to 'feed off' 6-core Snapdragon processor chip 808. Moreover, the use of new technologies LPDDR4 RAM, UFS2.0 attached flash memory module helps Galaxy S6 as 'tiger grows wings'.


Why should buy LG G4 Galaxy S6 instead
But the front camera is supplied with a resolution up to 8MP. But perhaps you're still on the Galaxy S6 is more appropriate for the image makers 'take a selfie', because it gives us a broader perspective, the content around is taken over in its entirety. And images on a pretty clear proof.

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