Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Video] Galaxy S6 superior Edge iPhone 6 at the point?

In the second promotional video Samsung has just been published, it has proven to be the superior strength of the Galaxy S6 Edge when compared to the iPhone 6.The battle between the two top competitors in the mobile market today is Samsung and Apple have been extremely "to irritate". When recently, Samsung has launched two promotional video about the special features on the Galaxy S6 Edge that the iPhone 6 is not equipped. 
Including wireless charging, front camera angle can get more content in the image.Of course, Samsung is also not ignore two side edges curved screen is extremely unique, with the ability to display color, time, weather, email notifications and messages. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 could not do this with a flat glass screen 'traditional' around. 
Also with the number "6", but the number 6 of the outstanding Samsung than Apple's number 6, which is why big 'Made in Korea' emphasizing the symbol 6 > 6 in the end of the video. And you, you think of the attractive features on Edge S6 which Samsung made ​​to compare with the iPhone 6?

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