Friday, July 24, 2015

ROHM introduce solutions mains supply via USB

 Instead of carrying a lot of tubers charger (AC adapter), users only need to carry a USB cord to charge the entire device in his backpack. ROHM's new solution will help you make easily.To meet the power solutions is growing as well as market expansion in Vietnam. The company manufactures semiconductors Japan ROHM has developed "power source USB transceiver IC" - a groundbreaking concept for powering multiple devices through a standard interface.
The integrated smart power management IC of ROHM will help users save the maximum number of AC adapters used in family environments as well asbusinesses . Instead of using multiple power adapter, users need only a single device can support AC USB rechargeable for most electronic devices in the home from a mobile device, camera number, camera to laptop or products required high voltage source such as a TV.
ROHM introduce solutions mains supply via USB
Expansion of supported devices charger, power supply via USB
In his speech, Mr. Satoshi Okubo, senior editor, The Electronics / mech Nikkei Business Publication group said: "Socket USB power source will become the global standard. You only need one cable to connect to the device's own standards, you can be charged anywhere without a bulky power adapter. "
ROHM has successfully developed the USB power management IC pattern (USBPD - USB Power Delivery) can provide diverse output and consistent with most current equipment including 10W, 18W, 36W, 60W and 100W . Of course, the device should also have a microprocessor to communicate, interact to provide appropriate power source for the device. With the technology of ROHM, users can transmit data medium power supply to the device.
ROHM introduce solutions mains supply via USB
Power source supported
Also during the press conference, representatives of introducing ROHM more about PoE - Power over Ethernet communications for the enterprise environment, but, it refers only to USB DP deep. Besides, it emphasized the new technology will help protect the environment and save energy.

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