Friday, July 24, 2015

NASA find new planet identical to Earth

With moderate temperatures and warmed by the sun itself, the new planet was identified likely existence of life.Recently Kepler space telescope has discovered a new planet with Earth-like substance. The new planet, called Kepler-452b. It is considered Earth-like planet ever discovered by mankind.
NASA find new planet identical to Earth
Earth (left) and newly discovered planet, called Kepler-452b (right).
According to NASA, Kepler-452b also has its own sun. The sun has almost the same age (older than 1.5 billion years) than the Earth's sun. More important is the gap between Kepler-452b sufficient and its sun. This gap helps temperature on Kepler-452b is not too hot nor too cold, suitable for the existence of water and life.
NASA find new planet identical to Earth
Kepler-452b is also located in a solar system similar to Earth.
According to the scientists, Kepler-452b diameter greater than about 60% compared with the diameter of Earth. Most likely this planet is composed primarily of rock like our Earth.
NASA find new planet identical to Earth
The number of planets Kepler signs of life were found to have reached the number of 5,000.
Although there are many areas of overlap to such, not necessarily on Kepler-452b has enough elements for the formation of a living entity. However, scientists also observed that, with the study of Kepler-452b, mankind will be able to better understand the form and development of the Earth, thereby enhancing their understanding more about natural world.
Kepler-452b is only one of some 5,000 planets potentially life discovered by Kepler telescope. The distance from Earth to the planet fell into about 1,400 light years.

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