Monday, July 27, 2015

Microsoft launched Windows 10 applications welcome

Microsoft has launched a visual representation service to invite users to welcome Windows 10.

Time official launch of Windows 10 only a few days, Microsoft is actively launch programs to promote the new version of its operating system. Recently, Gabriel AUL introduced to service users "Show the love for Windows 10" to invite users to create avatars for Facebook and Twitter accounts with notes attached greeted Windows 10.

Show the love program for Windows 10, Microsoft unveiled at this address . When visiting, you click Get Started to start using. First you choose how to download pictures, here you will be given 4 options include avatar from Facebook, Twitter, pictures are stored on Facebook and upload pictures from your computer.

For best quality, you should choose how to download images from the computer. After clicking Upload a photo, please navigate to the location of the pictures on the computer and click Open to service conducted upload photos.

After the upload process is completed, the service will take effect with insert icons into photo crowd. And you will be provided with 2 choices effects.

Depending on the preferences you choose effects by clicking the Select options below. Then you will be given 3 options set avatar, including Facebook, Twitter and upload photos to.

If you choose to set up an avatar for Facebook or Twitter, the service will require permission to link your Facebook account or Twitter to perform the setup automatically.

Accompany it with a tweet share participation program. Overall, this is a service "master key" from Microsoft so you can safely use.

What are you waiting? if you are also a fan of Windows, then join offline.

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