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Latest tips disabilities should have memorized help you master the iPhone

Summary of the tips or help you use the iPhone more effectively.

Note: If you can not find some of the following features on your iPhone, the iOS version ie either your device does not support that feature. 
1. Turn 3 applications simultaneously in multitasking mode
To turn off 3 applications simultaneously in multitasking interface on iPhone, you just tap three fingers on the preview image of the app and swipe up. Unfortunately still no support iOS separate button to disable all applications in multitasking mode.

2. Quick Turn off the flash
In any screen mode (including the lock screen), iOS users can launch the Control Center and turn the flashlight only one hand clicks. Once iPhone is activated flashlight mode, they can turn this off quickly by tapping the camera icon on the lock screen. Flashlight turns off immediately without the need to perform any further manipulation.

3. Activate the hydro balance Size
Shui balance size is determined instrument allows the inclination of a surface. IPhone users are also offered an equivalent tool inner compass app. To activate this feature just swipe your finger to the right after you open the application compass.

4. In italics, bold and underline text
In some applications like Mail on the iPhone, users can use the simple format your text as bold, italic, and underlined text by bold arrows and then select the option in the current up and click BIU. 
20 tips for using the iPhone you should by heart

5. Button "Back" hidden 
iOS does not provide separate back button like on Android. However, in the default application of this operating system, the user can return to the previous operation screen by swiping your finger from the left edge of the iPhone or iPad. In addition, this operation can also be applied to a number of applications from 3rd party.

6. Trim targeted message spam
Since iOS 8.3, Apple offers users a filtering and marking spam messages in iMessage. We will enable this feature by going to Settings> Messages> Filter Unknown Senders. Then Messages application will split into 2 parts: a message coming from the number in the phonebook, or current message. With no clear message sender, you can delete and mark as spam. Special information will be posted on Apple servers to limit similar cases later.

7. Customize vibrate mode
How to know exactly who it is calling you without looking at your iPhone screen? You can do this by customizing own vibration mode for close contacts using optional Vibration> Create New Vibration in touch edit entries in application Contact.

8. Lock light and lock focus when shooting
When taking pictures, the iPhone will autofocus and metering point changes when you drag the machine. To focus and metering at a fixed point for calibration desired photo layout, you use the AE / AF lock available on iOS photography app. To lock and key strokes am at a point, you touched on the point that keeps on camera interface in a few seconds until you see the line AE / AF Lock appears. Meanwhile, you can freely move the camera to select the photo layout better.

9. Manage network connections 3G / 4G
Since iOS 7, Apple provides functionality to help users manage better interconnection capacity by enabling and disabling the ability to connect network capacity 3G / 4G of each application. You will find this feature under Settings> Cellular.
20 tips for using the iPhone you should by heart
20 tips for using the iPhone you should by heart

10. Finding the appropriate application when traveling
When traveling to a new land, you can search application is local favorite by visiting the App Store and click on the button and select Explore Popular Near Me at the bottom of the page.

11. Search for a specific message
In the latest iOS version, to find a specific message, users just type the keyword into the search bar at the top of the application interface message.

12. Send a message to a friend while in a foreign country
When traveling abroad, you can send messages to friends using the iPhone by going to Settings> Messages then disable functions like SMS sending and enable iMessage.

13. Quickly the special punctuation
QWERTY keyboard on the iPhone, iPad, you can press and hold a key to open up the various letters or punctuation.

14. Show time messaging
To view a message is sent when, you simply drag the message to the left, the time frame will appear to let you know the message is sent on time.

15. How much work with Siri
Siri, iOS virtual assistant can perform many complex commands such as setting alarms, status updates to Facebook, Twitter or Google search. However, to be able to use the expertise Siri you need to own an English accent audible.

16. Faster iPhone Charger
In case that was about to go out, it is nearly depleted iPhone battery, you can speed up a little charging time in a short period of time by setting iPhone Air Plane mode for charging.

17. Take pictures in a row
If you want to take multiple pictures at once (up to 10 images / s), you can enable Burst Mode on your iPhone by pressing the camera button on the screen or turn up the volume keys.

18. Accelerate Spotlight search
If you are regularly using Spotlight search function, you can speed up your search by going to Settings> General> Spotlight then uncheck the items you do not need.

19. Turn off location
The turn off location tracking helps iPhone, your iPad support more energy drain. So, if I'm not really necessary, or turn off this feature off in Settings> Privacy> System Services.

20. Help Touch ID more precise operation
To identify fingerprints iPhone faster, go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Add a fingerprint and finger roll about 2 to 3 times. Thereby, the iPhone will have more data to identify fingerprints quickly and accurately.

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