Monday, July 27, 2015

The sales positions are the highest paid in 10 large technology companies

In the list of 10 technology companies with the best deals for the sales team, with many prominent names such as IBM, Symantec and Adobe ...

Anyone understands that the sales staff - sales - dynamic and efficient is one of the key success factors for the prosperity of most companies in today's business environment. Therefore, the sales profession is becoming one of the profession attractive and charismatic with many working class.Salespeople as a bridge between customers and businesses. Moderate sales people do to ensure the interests of their company, just to take care of the interests of customers first opened. Have to say, the success or failure of a salesperson is measured by the revenue that they bring to the company.
According to information on job search website Glassdoor, a list of 10 technology companies with the best deals for the contingent sale of his s were announced, including many prominent names in the world of technology, based on the recent salary reports from 50 or more employees at each company. Reportedly, n addition to tracking the fixed salary, commission or a percentage of sales profits received after each customer's signature to ensuring that people do sale a desirable income.

10. IBM
Average income: 150,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Sales profit: 50,000 USD

Software Sales Representative IBM comment, apart from higher salaries, IBM also provides many benefits staff training as professional and other incentives.

9. Avaya
Average income: 160,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Sales profit: 60,000 USD

Financial management staff at Avaya, said this is the environment enabling individuals to freely learn, grow and succeed. The management style has always been maintained at a minimal level.Always full of opportunities experiment and express themselves. This is where the work environment fun and create more innovative products and numerous technological excellence.

8. Adobe
Average income: 163,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Sales profit: 63,000 USD

A channel account manager Adobe said, this is a great company with great products. Adobe have "traditional" last paid benefits to employees. They tend to lead in their field of work, and she was always very proud to be working at Adobe.

7. Salesforce
Average income: 174,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Sales profit: 74,000 USD

Expert financial advice Salesforce said, this is the leading company in the field of software solutions, and always have plenty of opportunities for advancement. Individuals here are fully guaranteed privileges and minimum benefits.

6. Microsoft
Average income: 191,000 USD
Basic salary: 118,000 USD
Sales profit: 73,000 USD

Expert advice retailers solution of Microsoft, said, "This is too great place to work. I do not feel the management and control excessive. Flexible working hours. Higher wages and other remuneration of makes me very satisfied. "

5. Symantec
Average income: $ 197.500
Basic Salary: $ 102.500
Sales profit: 95,000 USD

Symantec is known as a company that is working hard to prove their position in the world of technology village, and as a result it is becoming a prominent name, an ideal working environment and the pay no less competitive than in other large technology corporations. Along with the challenges of the innovation process, and the board really understand that they need to invest in developing appropriate products and the merger.

4. EMC
Average income: 200,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Profit Sales: 100,000 USD

EMC sales representative said the company has always actively supported the sales activity as many other technology companies. Sales force primarily made up of individuals from the University of Boston, these factors always expect breakthroughs in the work process.

3. CA Technologies
Average income: 210,000 USD
Basic salary: 110,000 USD
Profit Sales: 100,000 USD

Sales Director of CA Technologies commented, the preferences in this company generally quite competitive, at least from the perspective of salary, especially if under the sales team. Good salary and bonus structure, there are great opportunities to win prizes "dream", such as free travel or cash based on work performance. Usually, people are very friendly and happy together, creating a culture that does not exist hatred, envy.

2. Cisco Systems
Average income: 211,000 USD
Basic salary: 100,000 USD
Profit Sales: 111,000 USD

Expert service charge Cisco system that, if you're in a senior sales position here, you can easily make money exceeded the target and if capable catalyze business deals worth great, you can even earn you ever dreamed things are not out of reach.

1. SAP
Average income: 235,000 USD
Basic salary: 110,000 USD
Profit Sales: 125,000 USD

Specialist retailer's internal SAP said sales position at the company always has a significant incentive package. In addition, exposure to many celebrities and talents through SAP and partners can open up career opportunities in the future without having to want to be.

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