Monday, July 27, 2015

The beauty of these animals and insects small children

Surely you will not help exclaimed amazing beauty of many insects, insect, small animals on Earth.

Photos provided by Capture Earth community will bring a fresh perspective and unprecedented in insects, animals have little body but actually very nice if it was taken in a close-up view .
There are plenty of photos were the members of the community to share but in this introductory article, the BBC only selected 12 best images and have the ability to bring the best of nature closer to humans .
Invite readers to track the image of the animals and the beautiful small insects below:
A butterfly landed on cotton, wheat.  Photo Natasha Allen
A butterfly landed on cotton, wheat. Photo Natasha Allen

A blue butterfly.  Photo Alex Peel
A blue butterfly. Photo Alex Peel

Antique white dove species.  Photo Faraaz Abdool
Hummingbirds. Photo Faraaz Abdool

A bee on lavender flowers.  Photo Kelly Redmond.
A bee on lavender flowers. Photo Kelly Redmond.

European tree frog in Fyledalen, Sweden.  Photo Fredrik Tegner
European tree frog in Fyledalen, Sweden. Photo Fredrik Tegner

A tree frog on at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.  Image
A tree frog on at Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. Photo Alex Peel

Macro damselfly species.  Photo NCP Photography
Macro damselfly species. Photo NCP Photography

Honeybees are taking pollen.  Photo Andrea Schmidt
Honeybees are taking pollen. Photo Andrea Schmidt

Macro a fly.  Photo Yousef al Habshi
Macro a fly. Photo Yousef al Habshi

Ground beetles.  Photo Yousef al Habshi
Ground beetles. Photo Yousef al Habshi

Ong loss of their bees.  Image
Ong loss of their bees. Photo Yousef Al Habshi

Olive Ridley turtles on the beach
Olive Ridley turtles on the beach Ostional beach, Costa Rica. Photo Alex Peel.

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