Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Share your location in detail with the new Facebook Messenger

Facebook has released a new update for its Messenger app to improve location-sharing system. The update will remove the old features and sharing location data of your friends will be displayed in greater detail.Not long ago, Google Chrome also offers a feature that can extract location information based on the data that Facebook Messenger embedded in the dialogue.In the future, with the new update, Facebook will not corrupt the data location in the user's message. Instead, users will have to explicitly share a specific location.
Share your location in detail with the new Facebook Messenger
By using a shaped pins on a map, the location information can be sent as a separate message in a chat window. With this new feature, you can share the map of the area around where you are at that time and also, best of all, users can share with people you are chatting site map two vowed another, such as a restaurant, cafe, or a certain landmarks.
To use this feature, users simply touch the icon "add" (...) or click the pin icon on the screen. Then, the user can choose the location to share with people you chat with her. Currently, this feature is only Facebook application in some regions, specific countries rather than actually extensively worldwide.

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