Thursday, July 23, 2015

Move to iOS: Convert data from Android to iOS comprehensive

Apple is planning to offer a new application helps users to easily switch from Android to iOS.Apple is trying to push its market share before the giant Android . One of the causes leading to many users' concerns "switch to iOS which is the transfer of
personal data. Whether gmail sync also allows plenty of data to iOS, but as long as it is not enough.
Therefore, Apple recently said it is planning to provide an application with the name new "Move to iOS" help users move data including contacts, address book, message history, photos shooting, video, bookmark, mail accounts, calendar and music both own warehouse users.
Move to iOS: Convert data from Android to iOS comprehensive
Move to iOS. Photo: PhoneArena
The app will help users more easily in the conversion of data from Android devices to the iPhone and iPad. Currently, a free application available on Android devices, however, on App Store, users have to pay to get this app.
Even after completion of data conversion, application "Move to iOS" and send a message that's very easy to provoke, "Recycle Your Android Phone" (roughly translated as: Let's recycle phone your Android ! ". It is expected that this application will be officially launched iOS and OS 9 is released later this year.

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