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Lenovo introduced several new products unique, breakthrough technology sector

Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
Lenovo Tech World - Global Technology Event of the first manufacturers (Lenovo) took place in Beijing, China on Tuesday.  Accordingly, Lenovo introduced new product technologies and demonstration vài ideas (concept) breakthrough.
Yang Yuanqing  - President and CEO of Lenovo, said: "   Lenovo is a festival of Tech World Innovative   technologies   with the Participation of many Leaders, partners and suppliers world-leading technology our. And more importantly, WE welcome the Participation of the Customers table and warmly intimate users of Lenovo.
In the future, We will bring together the hardware solution - software and services to transform the user experience. This is our vision for here today, for the next wave of innovation present chúng Lenovo Evidence ". 
Tech World conference in Lenovo, the Lenovo has introduced a series of new products manufacturer cũng, Attract more attention from experts and media technology. Here are the new Lenovo products featured "released".


This is the SmartWatch first 2 screens equipped. Second screen of Magic View is a virtual interactive format, eliminates the physical Limitations of the main screen. This screen uses reflective optics to create a virtual image to see larger virtual screen either, allowing users and coal 20 times the dial screen, can view a map chúng Easily match, view photos or watch videos even level.    
Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
Magic View is the first SmartWatch is equipped with 2 screens.
This capability Gives users big enough screen space and interface experience more comparable to what current coal SmartWatch can bring.  Lenovo has partnered with many large technology partners, and design miniature silicon chips to Own the components of the SmartWatch share without affecting the performance of the device . 


Apart from equipment wear, versatile and powerful Lenovo smartphone solutions Makes Becoming am also more like a PC coal - that's the concept Smart Cast samples. The smartphone is currently restricted to experience content with small screens.
Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
Concept Smart Cast
Smart Cast can change this reality by equipping a projector smartphone integrated lasers, infrared sensors and high-performance motion detectors Algorithms. The combination of this unmatched technology to help open up the Possibility of completely new interface: Users can maximize virtual touchscreen on the table to interact with virtual keyboard and work with some applications service work (computer, draw, take notes or edit even level in Microsoft PowerPoint).  
Just use the projector, users can turn the wall in his room an impressive Into movie theater, used for slideshows or play games like Fruit Ninja did - very exciting khi Virtual desktop projected on the wall or drivers.  With video and voice applications changes, users can zoom content on the wall while simultaneously watching the other content on the smartphone screen. 


2014, Lenovo completed the acquisition of Motorola Mobility and business segment of IBM x86 servers. At this event, Lenovo - Motorola Mobility announced the Moto Maker - fashion design studio monopoly creation of Motorola smartphones allow the requirements of the user of the the the individual, who is now being introduced in the Chinese market.
Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
Customers here can visit the Web site address to a telephone CREATE YOUR OWN Motomaker.com Moto X. This new device announcement demonstrates -style nằm changing the way design future human interaction with brands like in the creation of unique products under the screen to your requirements.


Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
To supplement richer storage solutions to customers table table table now, Lenovo has Launched two new solutions: S2200 and S3200 Lenovo Storage. Designed simple, high-speed, large scalability and high availability, integrated solutions can be integrated Into Easily network storage environment for innovations Proven to good price.    


At Tech World, Shenqi Performed vài devices leading the new ultra-thin gồm battery backup, 3D printers can print to food, like chocolate, objects with high accuracy, the device sounds a double size Smallest Outdoor Trench and control center based smart home Wi- Fi. Shenqi am am am also starred in a number of new areas to robotics and equipment to big as Unmanned Aerial.
Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector


With the arrival of an Increasing number of special devices, Lenovo am am am also create special engines for the unique needs of business users. At Tech World, Lenovo announced a tablet for ThinkPad mobile computing experience 10 new professionally. The ThinkPad Tablet Pen stylus are available new and specially equipped Pro Higher accuracy for enterprise-level security to help protect data better.   
Lenovo introduced new products vài unique, breakthrough technology sector
10 ThinkPad tablet.
Along with promoting the achievements of the hardware the the Lenovo and its partners are offering software solutions oriented users, Especially in the field of alternative input technologies like voice, touch screen and touch pen. 


To mark the transformation and development strategy in the future, Lenovo announced its new logo change at Tech World. The new logo more personal, more cohesive and retrieve user experience centered, personal Characteristics of the brand Lenovo, and the perfect combination of the Advantages of the merger and the core values ​​Its Innovative. 

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