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Huawei Nexus Ideas 2015: ambition beat Apple in the segment phablet Android Huawei phablet design Nexus Google Concept Chinese phone International News Nexus 2015

This will be a device to compete directly with Apple's iPhone crown 6 Plus.

As you all know, Android is an open source operating system based on Linux is designed specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the open nature of Android, but developers as well as developers to customize the operating system freely and that is precisely what has helped Android rose to become one of the two most popular operating systems world, compete with iOS.
Google always show ambition defeat IOS system, but unfortunately this has not become a reality.

With the advantage of diversity fit devices from affordable to luxurious, Google Play app store bulky and especially multitasking capabilities to simultaneously run multiple applications, the Android was plenty carrier favors dialogue choose the OS to install on their products.
However, the main advantage of easy customization which made manufacturers compete to edit, change configuration settings and then add their proprietary applications to compete with rivals and obviously this will lead Android to become fragmented story heavily in hardware and software.
No known ever, new Android escape the notoriously fragmented.

The program Nexus Google is regarded as a cure for the condition. These products are the Google Nexus branded partnerships with major brands like LG, HTC or Motorola. Perhaps the features that everyone should be mentioned when talking about these devices are powerful configuration comes with Android OS without any modification or intervention to customize from the manufacturer.
This has made the Nexus always have priority to update the version of the latest operating system (even just a few hours after the launch the new version) as well as complete elimination of legacy applications is not in the system Original issue and this is the reason why this product line has always devoted a lot of public sympathy Android.
Three devices in the Nexus family.

Recently, the public was an eager phen technology news sites posted notices on Google will work with partners from China's Huawei to jointly create the next version of the Nexus product line reputation.
The phablet is expected to launch around October this year and recently, the first image of the Huawei Nexus prototype in 2015 by designer Jonas Kvale has been posted on
Concept of Huawei Nexus 2015 from designer Jonas Kvale.

Accordingly, this device segment phalet with equipment fitted to 5.7 inch Quad HD screen.Perhaps the size on, Jonas Kvale designed Huawei Nexus 2015 to compete directly with one another phalet rivals from the Android is Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Based on previous rumors, this phablet will be installed operating system Android M.
In terms of design, the Nexus 2015 Huawei outer shell is made of metal monolith, author concept has not yet said he will choose what material but likely will bring aluminum alloy resistant equipment good power but still very chic and modern.

This machine is designed with metal casing exudes monolithic luxurious, powerful

One detail that many people would be aware of the camera 16 megapixels and dual flash are located on the left as well as we associate with Apple's design. Throughout history many phone manufacturers China has "known" to steal the design so if any handshake same OEM China in the future, the device a "pure" Google has characteristics from devices Apple logo Deficiency is also nothing surprising.
The side of the device is cut feels sure not rounded as in duo iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Configuration, veranda not have any information to be authentic but high capability Huawei Nexus 2015 is equipped with a Snapdragon 820 chip and has two versions with 64 GB memory or 32 GB. The other hardware components notably include USB ports type C, 3100 mAh capacity battery and particularly the lower rim benzel device integrates fingerprint sensor.
Hoping to succeed where previous Nexus line of devices has been reached, in the future, what should this product line will continue to shoulder the liability for the Android market orientation and become a tool to Goolge could edge paintings with strong expansion of the operating system iOS.

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