Monday, July 27, 2015

HP reports to Microsoft 4 holes dangers of Internet Explorer

HP has reported four serious flaw in Internet Explorer may cause the device to be attacked, exploited remotely, but the actions Microsoft has not released a fix for the client.

Internet Explorer still is one of the most used browser in the world. In fact, this browser is installed by default on computers running Windows desktop and Windows Phone, so this is a very attractive target for hackers. HP has revealed serious flaws 4 of the browser on devices running Windows Phone.

The flaw was discovered first by HP's TippingPoint division, allowing intruders control your phone remotely whether your browser has fully updated. You can be attacked when visiting some sites and it is difficult to fix this crisis happened.
HP has reported this bug to Microsoft almost 6 months now, but the company has not yet released patches to fix the vulnerabilities of your browser. Microsoft requested an extension to their HP added 6 months before HP can publicize this vulnerability, but was refused.
On the side of Microsoft, they think, "I was aware of the vulnerability but have not seen the report related to the attacks on them". Although Windows 10 and browser Mobile Edge is preparing to launch but most users still use Windows Phonw version of Internet Explorer means they still face many security threats from known and unknown vulnerabilities Microsoft launched this patch.

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