Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Electronic components are able to cancel the expiry

Waste from electronic devices caused serious environmental pollution as well as to a small amount of funds not to destroy them. So the development of electronic components capable of self-destruction is a huge success in terms of environmental protectionAnd researchers at the University of Illinois (USA) succeeded in this.
Developed from the idea of ​​electronic devices being dissolved in the water at the end of the lifecycle, they have devised a new way to destroy them, that is to use acid to "leverage" the high temperatures.
The principle of this method is quite simple. That they would mix the acid droplets tiny, with low concentrations together with wax, then cover the face of the electronic circuit.

When electronics expired, temperatures will cause melting wax, acid flows into the device, and dissolve them.
Time for the device irritation and decomposition temperature is affected by factors such as the thickness of wax, acidity and temperature. This helps scientists can more precisely control the process destroys a certain device.
The researchers said the device could be made soluble for at least 20 seconds or up to several minutes after the irritation of heat.
The components covered by wax melting temperature difference can give birth to the decomposition device according to a series of steps defined. This allows control of operating time of specific components, providing devices capable sensors and react to environmental conditions of the device.

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