Wednesday, July 22, 2015

China banned the use of profanity on the Internet 25

To make domestic Internet environment becomes cleaner and safer, China will be a list of words not allowed to appear on the network.Agencies monitoring Chinese cyber (Cyberspace Administration of China) recently released a list of 25 words that unit vulgar wants eliminated from the China Internet Network.
This is the latest move by CAC to purify the Internet environment in the most populous country in the world, with 649 million regular Internet users. The main Chinese President Xi Jinping was behind steering above.
According to Bloomberg, the Chinese government in recent months is to review and prohibit online account names and filter out both violating message brought political content. Thousands of articles posted on social networking sites has been removed in this campaign.
China banned the use of profanity on the Internet 25
They also summoned representatives of businesses large Internet in China, such as Tencent Holdings, Sina and several other companies expressed interest to create a cleaner language Internet.
CAC 25 from profanity that listed on the list of profanity on Sina Weibo from last year. From the most popular, temporarily out Vietnamese as "m. you "appear 250 million times.
However, according to an expert in the field of journalism in China, he said that the online community has been accustomed to use bad language, making it difficult for successful campaigns. "To manage the language network management should be the behavior of the community. The government must rely on the Internet companies to do this, but parsimonious management for networked world will be able to bring these potential risks, can turn the Internet industry into a quagmire. "Experts This shared.
In China, the Profanity on influential quite large, even, we have gradually penetrate into the life and appearance both in the newspapers.
According to an official with China, Sina Weibo is considering adding Profanity, violence in the filtration system their contents. The system can automatically canceled if users post online written or comments that contain prohibited words.
Sina also hire someone to monitor the online comments on the website and the forum for debate. Some websites and blog content for approval before posting comments. Hundreds of thousands of retirees are hired to control activities in the Internet shop.

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