Thursday, July 23, 2015

Apple will release iOS 8.4 update on September 30/6

Before formally introduced the new iPhone iOS 9 comes, Apple will provide users with iOS 8.4 update Apple integrated Music on 30/6 next day.At WWDC 2015 event took place in the early hours today, Apple has focused largely on the introduction of the new features of iOS 9, but it also did not forget to mention iOS 8.4. This is the final version of iOS almost 8 before iOS 9 introduced the iPhonenew.

iOS 8.4 will soon be released to the iDevice. Photo: Internet
Specifically in the next 30/6 days, the official iOS 8.4 will be released. The new update will be integrated with one of the new services introduced at WWDC 2015 Apple: Apple Music. This is a streaming music service that allows users to comfortably listen to songs from their favorite artists, with a fee of $ 9.99 / month (free Apple Apple Music in the first 3 months).
Apple does not build apps for the new service, the company integrated it into existing applications Music. Apple App Music was also redesigned interface with many improvements such as better search support, to enable control by the manipulation gesture (gesture) ...
Besides iOS 8.4, the trial version for users of iOS universal 9 will be released in July next.

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