Thursday, July 23, 2015

Xiaomi ,led the Chinese, smartphon,e market ,in Q2 / 2015

 Xiaomi is currently stepping up its smartphones in the Chinese market and to the present time, the company has surpassed the heavyweight names such as Huawei, Apple, Samsung to take the leading position in terms of market section.
China which is very fertile ground for many carriers phones worldwide. After the dominance of Apple, Samsung, the market witnessed a strong rise of the domestic like Huawei representative, Vivo or Xiaomi. Most notably it was Xiaomi.
While Huawei has achieved a stable market share through a variety of smartphones, Xiaomi showed a new face, prospects and stronger. In just five short years of development, Xiaomi took one of the top five phone manufacturers smart global leader. One of the features that this phone is the only company providing unique products in the domestic market during the past years. That was its original criteria.
Xiaomi led the Chinese smartphone market in Q2 / 2015
Phone market share in China. Source: IHS Technology
Finally, the criteria which has brought great success. According to statistics from China's smartphone market in Q2 / 2015, Xiaomi leader with 18% market share, followed by Huawei is 16% and Apple third with 12%. Vivo also keep his name when No. 4 and no surprise when Samsung slipped to 5th place with only 9%.
Apple's inclination is evident when most Chinese consumers are waiting for its next blockbuster. As for Samsung, if not improve significantly the product lines of its mid-range, it will be difficult to compete in this market in the future. This would indeed be a significant loss for Samsung.

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