Saturday, July 25, 2015

Why iPhone less RAM but always smooth?

Have you ever wondered that, when it comes to the iPhone, why people never have to use the Benchmark software testing?Speaking of the iPhone , users usually think of the smartphone always runs smoothly and rarely any hiccups lag. This is also the reason that many people choose to buy the phone of Apple instead of the PCs Android from other manufacturers on the market. And all these years, though not pursue race configuration, Apple's phone has never been disparaging about the quality of the hardware.
Why iPhone less RAM but always smooth?
Why quality of Apple products such formidable. It will take a little more time to be able to point out the answers.
The reason for these models from Apple has always been rated high in durability by manufacturer Apple is currently the only phone to control all 3 factors affecting the user experience device. These factors include the quality of the hardware, operating system platform and software system.
Because holding all 3 elements, Apple can optimize a maximum of system resources, and programming to prioritize the applications important. When needed, the Apple phone model can be used with the temporary memory of the CPU, instead of using the system RAM slower speeds.
Though less RAM memory capacity and ownership slower clock rate, the internal parameters of the processor as the processing unit, capable of handling simultaneous command, command line widths, cache .. . Apple's chips are higher than the CPU on the other phones simultaneously. In addition, Apple is also quite reticent manufacturers to disclose the specifications on their products. Therefore, even actually own many advantages in terms of hardware, its users do not even know it.
Why iPhone less RAM but always smooth?
Besides the optimization of system resources, Apple is also very demanding for applications developers. To be able to load their products onto the app store Apple App Store, the developer must ensure that their software has high stability, and good compatibility with the system.
iOS is not a multitasking operating system authentic. It can be noticed that the application from a window, users immediately transferred to the main screen. Now, just run the application will fall prey to decommissioning. This is different from when the application on the Android operating system continues to operate in the background state.
Why iPhone less RAM but always smooth?
Another cause led to the iOS have higher stability Android by Android device manufacturers have sought to develop the interface for users of its products. This has led to the fact Android is altered and deformed greatly compared with the original version of the operating system. Android is favored by the open OS. This is both a strength and a weakness of both operating systems.
Along with too much interference on Android, the company seeks to produce smartphone also insert their applications and partners into the handset. Even, many manufacturers also intervene so users can not delete them. Therefore, many users after purchase often choose to install the OS on your phone on the original Android.
With iOS, so just being developed and used only by the Apple, would not have a single spam software from 3rd party pre-installed on the phone with Apple.
Why iPhone less RAM but always smooth?
Another reason often mentioned when talking about the issue, which is the Java language often used for applications that run on the Android platform. Applications use this language often generate many junk files.
To be able to operate smoothly, RAM must regularly handle junk files to clean up the system. Treatment process which adhered consuming large amounts of RAM and makes the Android phone becomes slow. With iOS, so no junk files, the system will be offloading operations greatly.
That is the fundamental reason to explain why the iPhone which has less RAM but always runs smoothly. 

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