Monday, July 27, 2015

Do not accept an invitation to work at Facebook

Reject the invitation of Facebook can sometimes be the right decisions in your life.

Ilya Pozin, an entrepreneur, writer and investor, founder of the platform online video entertainment Pluto.TV company Open Me and marketing system digital Ciplex made a point of said article why did you refuse an attractive invitation from Facebook.

Receive an invitation to cooperate or work at Facebook is a great dream for many people.Suddenly, you feel flying with ideas enjoyed great deals and a towering salary, free lunches and brag to your friends about your colleagues at facbook. But before signing the contract, be calm and answer the question: Is this really your dream?
All these benefits while working at a company known as Facebook often do you feel "blurred" and does not recognize other opportunities awaiting her. Here is the reason why Ilya Pozin feel satisfied when chose their own path rather than accept an invitation from Facebook.
Know what is important to you
When Kevin Systrom from Mark Zuckerberg turned down the offer to join Facebook in the last years at Stanford, he almost did not have any idea about his decision.

That was the moment in 2006, when social networking is still an alien concept and Systrom think completing the curriculum more meaningful is engaged in a project to start a business. He did not know Mark Zuckerberg will turn Facebook into an empire.
However, Systrom established photo-sharing platform Instagram that Facebook was then bought for billions of dollars. Systrom may also be successful if working at Facebook whereas he has done great things thanks to the accurate assessment capabilities and their own passions.
If you want to succeed, ask yourself whether you really happy to make a hard worker bees while you still can not dream bigger.
Do not let failures affect your route
Failure seems serious but it's important to remember that they are only temporary only. Brian Acton, Co-Founder of WhatsApp messaging service is a best example.

In 2009, Acton job interview at Facebook and has not been accepted. Then, Acton has focused on developing messaging app WhatsApp free and this could be seen as a false "full cost" when the last company to spend $ 19 billion to acquire WhatsApp.
It is important to remember that sometimes the words "florid" like "failure is just an opportunity in disguise" is accurate. When you refuse to work in a large company or they reject you, you may feel this is a setback, but remember that this may be the start of a more exciting chapter in your life .
Find a company with a culture fit
Successful people live and breathe with their work, they feel comfortable because I like to be doing. Conversely, the company chose the wrong one will always make you uncomfortable and not to fulfill the capability and enthusiasm for the job.
But if you chose the wrong path from the beginning, you do not whining but let's look at the example of Steven Chen, who worked as a software engineer of Facebook a few months before deciding to leave and start her own work. Finally, he has created his own product, a simple video upload service that we often known by the name of ... YouTube.
Life is too short to identify opportunities matching your needs. The company's culture is extremely important so always carefully consider these factors before starting a job.
Do not let society tell you the only way
When a company like Facebook to call for you, the wise will tell you how to respond to them how. Just look at the way that Mike Abbott refused the position of Deputy Director in charge of engineering at Facebook: "The best chance that I missed was the best decision I have ever made. I have refused the position of Deputy Director Technical Director of Facebook a few years ago to pursue a woman who is now my wife. "
Later, he became vice president in charge of engineering for Twitter. This shows the importance of personal life on the road for glory in your career. A great opportunity not mean that it come to you in time and you must be the last option.
Workplace Diversity
If you are smart, hardworking and creative, there will always be another chance for you. The refusal is a big chance in an inappropriate time is often a good decision.
What could be more fun when you receive an invitation from a giant company like Facebook but if opportunities come at the wrong time, so go ahead and reject. You can still successfully elsewhere by pursuing their dreams and turn them into reality.

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